Increase in demand for pool lifeguards

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Pool lifeguards play an extremely important role when it comes to providing a safe environment for swimmers and patrons of aquatic facilities, and demand for pool lifeguards is on the rise.

Aquatic recreation centres have been rapidly adjusting after the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hardships faced by pools during 2020, the WA aquatic recreation industry is rapidly recovering.

A report published by Royal Life Saving WA in the second half of 2020, The Impact of COVID-19 on the Aquatics Industry: Jun-Aug Update, revealed that aquatic centres were “pivoting and bouncing back” after the disruptions COVID presented earlier in the year. Centres recorded an increase in visitation rates from the same time during the previous year.

However, many staff were redeployed or stood down during the industry shutdown, resulting in severe staff shortages once operations resumed. It is estimated that 560 new pool lifeguards are needed to ensure that all aquatic recreation facilities have qualified staff.

In November 2020, the WA Government announced that it would work with Royal Life Saving WA to ensure our state is ‘summer-ready’ to meet demand for pool lifeguards and swimming instructors by offering ‘job ready’ short courses, including the Pool Lifeguard Skill Set, for free to eligible students.

Former Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery said of the short courses, "These new pathways are a great opportunity for young people and jobseekers to secure year-round work that offers flexible hours and makes a real difference in the community. They will not only lead to jobs that are available right now, they can also be used as a stepping stone to further study, providing pathways to roles in management and program co-ordination across the community recreation field." 

There are no prerequisites for the Pool Lifeguard short course, and it can be used as credit toward further qualifications.

Learn more about the current Skills Ready courses on offer at the link below.

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Advanced First Aid Training

Suitable for anyone who may be required to provide, coordinate and manage a first aid response across a range of complex situations, include community and workplace settings.

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Aquatic Recreation Industry Report 2021-22

Aquatic Recreation Industry Report 2022

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