Providing supportive teaching environments

Swim instructor with children


A safe swimming environment is crucial to not only ensure lessons are productive, but also that they are fun and engaging.

Teachers need to provide students with a supportive learning environment, which helps facilitate maximum participation and a sense of achievement from students.

This can be achieved by ensuring they are provided with a safe environment with adequate supervision. It is also important that learning activities are positively reinforced by utilising positive and supportive practices.

Students who feel safe and connected to their learning environment will better engage with the lesson content and will ultimately achieve higher learning outcomes.


Below are some strategies that can be adopted to create a safe and supportive learning environment for students:

  • Demonstrating respect and concern for others
  • Demonstrating appropriate positive conversation practices
  • Promoting active and healthy lifestyles
  • Promoting the principles of fair play
  • Promoting cooperation
  • Encouraging responsibility
  • Setting ground rules
  • Having a thorough lesson plan


By utilising a range of the above strategies, you can create an effective and supportive teaching environment, regardless of the location.

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