Teaching higher stages

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As you start to teach students in higher stages you will find your teaching style will need to differ slightly. There are more components to work through in the same amount of time, and normally more students in the class.

Below are some tips to help you make the adjustment and stay on top of this new teaching style!

Set specific class rules

This helps you to maintain control of the increased number of students. These can include rules about entering / exiting the pool, what to do while waiting to swim and when to start swimming after a classmate. By setting rules your class can flow more freely and allow you more time to focus on the increase in skill difficulty.

Conveniently position yourself 

You need to make sure you're in a place where you can teach and correct multiple times while the students are swimming. An example of this is being in the middle of the lane, or on the side of the pool so you can see students swimming up and down and have multiple opportunities to correct technique or give further instructions.

Try new things!

With the increase in difficulty students can become disappointed and disengaged when they have trouble mastering a skill. Try to breakdown difficult strokes and look for new drills to help teach the same skills in a different way.

Use real life situations to teach rescue skills

Help students understand when or where they might need to use the rescue skills you are teaching by using real life scenarios in your lessons. An example of this is allowing students to learn with different equipment that might be found when around the river or at a BBQ down by the beach etc.

Keep it fun!

Getting to the higher stages of swimming lessons is an achievement and should open students up to different opportunities within the water. You can incorporate different aquatic activities into your lessons to keep students engaged and also help teach core skills. An example of this is using a water polo ball and introducing passing / shooting to students as a part of teaching the egg beater kick or treading water. More tips on swimming games can be found at the link below.

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