Watch Around Water Week

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With record numbers of people visiting our public swimming pools, parental supervision of young children visiting these facilities is extremely important. 

Watch Around Water Week is an awareness event that takes place during the start of summer each year to remind the public about this important message at the busiest time of year for aquatic facilities. The program, a joint initiative between Royal Life Saving WA and LIWA Aquatics, has been embraced by the aquatic industry and has led to greater awareness within the community about this vital message. 

Aquatic centres throughout WA help to promote Watch Around Water Week to their local communities by undertaking a range of activities throughout the week. However, it's not just at the start of summer that this message needs to be communicated; we encourage all Watch Around Water centres to promote the program's safe supervision messages throughout the year as well!

Get involved

If your aquatic centre is having an open day, a swim school enrolment day or other event, that’s a perfect opportunity to promote the Watch Around Water message. Some promotional ideas include colouring competitions, barbecues, family fun days and raffles.

Run a colouring competition for children visiting the pool

Royal Life Saving WA can provide you with fun Watch Around Water colouring-in pictures for the kids!

Community Event/Promotion

Set up a water safety display at your next aquatic event, or include a promotion at local community groups/schools, movie nights, pool discos etc.

We're here to support you

Royal Life Saving WA can provide resource packs to support you in the planning and promotion of your Watch Around Water activities. Contact us via the form below to order resources for your centre and to register for the Watch Around Water program.

If you have any questions about the Watch Around Water program please complete the form below and our team will get in touch with you!

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 Learn more about the Watch Around Water program at the link below.

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