Current Award Recipients

Bravery Awards winners for 2020

Name  Brief Overview Award Location
Tony Booker, Terry Gray and Fred English When Ross Sutherland collapsed during the Rottnest Swim Run last year fellow participants Tony Booker and Terry Gray responded, performing CPR. They were joined by another competitor Dr Fred English, who recruited other bystanders to provide compressions and assist with the rescue until medical teams arrived. Ross survived thanks to this amazing team effort!
Gold Medallion Rottnest Island
 Simon Bowen, Nathan Carbone, Brad Hasson and Dan Whitney These off-duty police officers responded when a 27- year-old man collapsed while playing indoor cricket at Striker Indoor Sports and Fitness. The four men worked as a team to perform CPR and defibrillation for approximately 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived.
Gold Medallion Leeming
 Latara Ogle Latara was waved down by a woman in traffic on Ennis Avenue in Warnbro earlier this year after the women's husband had collapsed on the side of the road. Latara didn’t hesitate to respond, performing CPR on the man until emergency services arrived.
Gold Medallion Warnboro
Jordan France and Alexander Woods Jordan and Alex assisted a woman who had fallen onto a ledge at Bells Rapids. The pair helped the women, alerted emergency services and assisted the medical crews on the scene. Gold Medallion Bells Rapids
Alison Rowley and Helen Deller Helen came across a woman who had collapsed at Melros Reserve in Dawesville, placing her in the recovery position and calling 000. Her daughter Alison assisted in performing chest compressions for over 20 minutes until an ambulance arrived. The response was made more difficult as the incident occurred in the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic. Gold Medallion Dawesville
Peter Carew-Gibson and Craig Wood Peter and Craig performed CPR on a friend who had suffered a heart attack and fell down a flight of stairs while assisting Peter to move into a new house. Gold Medallion Joondalup
Joanne White and Ben Cox Ben and Joanne rescued a man, Allan, who had suffered a seizure and fallen off the Palm Beach Jetty in Rockingham, hitting his head on the jetty before landing in the water. Jo rescued Allan from the water while Ben called 000. The pair performed first aid until emergency services arrived. Gold Medallion and Gold Star Rockingham
Greg Chapman and Kieran Doyle, Isaac Brophy and Donna Crouch Golf course patron Greg performed CPR when a fellow patron collapsed due to an apparent cardiac arrest. Groundskeeper Isaac brought a defib and first aid kit to the scene, where colleague Kieran assisted with CPR and defibrillation. Donna phoned for an ambulance and assisted with the rescue effort. The group worked for about 10 minutes before an ambulance arrived, saving the man’s life.
Gold Medallion & Bravery Commendation Whaleback Golf Course - Parkwood
Stephen Waterman and Hassan Shahzad Hassan and Stephen were working as part of the security and concierge team at Brookfield Place when a man suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed outside. Hassan retrieved an AED before working with Stephen to perform CPR and defibrillation until paramedics arrived, saving the man’s life. Gold Medallion Westralia Square - Perth CBD
Flynn Mercer (12 years old) and Kirsten Richardson Flynn responded when his Dad had a cardiac arrest, alerting his mum Kirsten who performed CPR. Flynn called 000 and spoke to paramedics, also running to the neighbour’s house for help, and assisted his mum in her CPR efforts. Gold Star & Gold Medallion White Gum Valley
Ben Properjohn (15 years old) and Luke Passmore Ben rescued a friend who became unconscious and fell in the water while kayaking at Mindarie Marina. Ben and a nearby paddleboarder Luke rescued the woman and took her to the boat ramp, staying with her until an ambulance arrived. Gold Star and Bravery Commendation Mindarie Marina
Troy Hayter and Kian Hayter (6 years old) Troy rescued his four-year-old son Micah who got out of his depth while on a family day out at a dam in Pemberton. 6-year-old Kian, who was in the water with Micah, tried to rescue his brother himself but got pulled under water. Troy rescued the boys and performed CPR on Micah while waiting for paramedics to arrive, saving his son’s life. Gold Star and Bravery Commendation Pemberton
Jamison Ugle (17 years old) and Edward Lyndon (16 years old)
These students from Girrawheen’s Clontarf Academy responded when a man was attacked at Stirling Train Station. The man was suffering seizures so they provided first aid and alerted others to get further assistance.
Bravery Commendation StirlingTrain Station
Caitlyn Spong (8 years old) Caitlyn rescued her brother after he fell into a watering hole on their property in Moora. The 8-year-old jumped into the water without delay, pulling her brother to the edge where they were met by their mother. Bravery Commendation Moora
Cockburn ARC staff - Adam Anistino, Tamila Andreeva, Rhiannon Keel, Jennifer Littlejohn, Tayliah Zimmer and Sarahjayne Whiteley
 Stuart, a patron visiting Cockburn ARC, suffered a heart attack while swimming laps in the outdoor pool. This team of lifeguards and other staff responded rapidly to rescue him, perform CPR and defibrillation and alert emergency services, a response that saved his life! Gold Star and Bravery Commendation Cockburn ARC
Wanneroo Aquamotion staff - James Roper, Rianna Matulin and Kelly Field When a patron, Bruce, collapsed at Wanneroo Aquamotion lifeguards James and Rianna performed CPR and defibrillation, while Kellie called an ambulance and cleared other patrons from the pools. After four rounds of CPR and one shock from the defib Bruce began breathing. The staff monitored him until an ambulance arrived. Gold Star and Bravery Commendation Wanneroo Aquamotion
Leisurefit Boorgaoon Staff staff - Alexandra Gamble, Dylan Power, Liam Taylor, Harley Osborne and Shay-Lee Smith
The team performed CPR and defibrillation on a woman who had fallen unconscious in the changerooms at Leisurefit Boorgaoon, also alerting emergency services. Their actions saved the woman’s life.
Gold Star and Bravery Commendation Leisurefit Booragoon
 Swan Active Midland staff - Jade Howard, Doug Macaulay, Stephen Driscoll and patrons - Karen Kirkby and Sandra Mutch When an elderly patron fell unconscious in the pool at Swan Active Midland two other swimmers, Karen and Sandra assisted him to the side of the pool. Lifeguard Doug worked with the swimmers to remove the man from the water before performing CPR. Lifeguards Jade and Stephen called 000 and evacuated the pools. Doug, Jade and Karen performed CPR for 20 minutes until paramedics arrived. Gold Star, Gold Medallion and Bravery Commendation Swan Active Midland
 Riverton Leisureplex patron Reihaneh Kakaei Hafdani and staff Alison Hyde, Michael Gosatti, Andreea Ioan and Chris Cotton When a Riverton Leisureplex patron collapsed library staff member Alison and a patron Reihaneh responded immediately, performing CPR. They were joined by lifeguards Chris, Michael and Andreea who assisted with a defib and oxygen. Reihaneh, Chris and Andrea performed CPR and defibrillation until an ambulance arrived, saving the man’s life. Gold Medallion and Gold Star Riverton Leisureplex
Jane Ferguson, Rebecca Wilton, and Wanneroo Aquamotion staff - Samuel Cox, Shelby Hyde, Rianna Matulin, Kimberley Amos and Daniel Webb
 Margaret experienced a seizure while driving outside Wanneroo Aquamotion and hit the back of Jane’s car. Jane realised something was wrong and went to assist Margaret, while bystander, Rebecca, called 000 and also assisted. Staff at Aquamotion also responded, with Kim, Daniel, Shelby, Sam and Rianna removing Margaret from her car, placing her on the ground in the recovery position and applying oxygen until an ambulance arrived. Gold Star and Bravery Commendation Wanneroo Aquamotion

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