Port Hedland

Town of Port Hedland logoPort Hedland is located approximately 1,650 km north of Perth and is the second largest town in the Pilbara region.

Together with its satellite town of South Hedland, the twin settlements have a population of around 16,000 people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Original inhabitants of the area are the Kariyarra people, who call it Marapikurrinya which describes the hand-shaped formation of the tidal creeks stemming from the harbour.

Port Hedland was named after mariner Captain Peter Hedland, who first noted the possibility of using the natural harbour as a port. It is now the largest bulk export port in the world, with exports including iron ore, lithium and salt.


South Hedland Aquatic Centre Calendar of Events

Jul-Sep 2021


  • August 21st-22nd - Bronze Medallion course
  • August 22nd - Bronze Medallion requalification course
  • August 29th -ToPH Family Fun Day
  • August 30th - Dept of Education In-term swimming lessons commence
  • Talent Pool - Junior Lifeguard Club commences (Cassia, South Hedland & Baler Primary Schools; Hedland SHS)


  • September 5th - Pool Lifeguard requalification course
  • September 11th - BHP Family Fun Day
  • Talent Pool - Have a Try Night

Oct-Dec 2021


  • Water Safety Talks at local schools
  • Swim for Fruit Term 4 commences
  • October 17th - CaLD lessons commence
  • October 23rd-24th - Swim Teacher course
  • October 25th - In-term swimming lessons commence at Gratwick Aquatic Centre
  • Talent Pool - Bronze Medallion (Hedland SHS)


  • Term 4 swimming lessons
  • Spirit Carnival
  • November 6th - Heart Beat Club (part of Infant Aquatic Awareness Week)
  • November 22nd - In-term swimming lessons recommence at SHAC
  • Talent Pool - Bronze Medallion (Hedland SHS)
  • Talent Pool - Pool Lifeguard course


  • Disability Access and Awareness Aquatics Day
  • Swimming lessons continue
  • Community Christmas BBQ Pool Party with lifesaving activities

Jan-Mar 2022


  • Holidays Movie Night
  • January 26th-30th - Talent Pool Splash Week


  • Bronze Medallion course
  • Swim for Fruit Term 1 commences
  • Talent Pool - Bronze Medallion
  • Junior Lifeguard Club commences (Cassia, South Hedland & Baler Primary Schools; Hedland SHS)


  • School Swimming & Lifesaving Carnival
  • Swimming Lessons Term 1
  • Talent Pool - Pool Lifeguard course
  • Talent Pool - Provide First Aid course
  • Talent Pool - Bronze Medallion

Swim and survive logoSouth Hedland Swim School

South Hedland Aquatic Centre is a Royal Life Saving WA Endorsed Swim School, offering the best in aquatic education. Programs offered include Swim and Survive, Infant Aquatics and Bronze Rescue.

Learn more at the link below.

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Five female students from Hedland SHS at a bronze medallion training session


BHP principle community partner logo

Principal Community Partner BHP has been supporting Royal Life Saving WA programs in several regional and remote communities across WA since 2003.

These programs aim to ensure that all Western Australians have the awareness, skills and knowledge required to participate in a range of aquatic activities.

Learn more about this successful partnership at the link below.

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