Pool Lifeguard

The Pool Lifeguard course gives students the skills and knowledge to effectively supervise patrons in and around aquatic environments. This fun, exciting and challenging job can earn students an income on the weekend and over school holidays as well as start a career in the aquatic industry. 

What you will learn? 

This course will train students in: 

  • Accident prevention
  • Administration 
  • Public relations 
  • Education
  • Scanning
  • Communications 
  • Basic and advanced water rescues 

Who can become a Pool Lifeguard? 

Any student over 16 years of age can participate in this course. 

Training options: 
  • An individual can book into a public training course. This course is completed at various locations throughout WA. 

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  • A group booking can be arranged for eight or more students at an aquatic centre of your choice or your school pool.

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If you’re searching for a job in the WA aquatic recreation industry, the Royal Life Saving Job Board can help you find a position.

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