Swim Instructor

The Swim Teacher by Royal Life Saving course provides students with the essential competencies to teach swimming and water safety to children from four years of age in swimming pools and confined natural shallow water venues.

A career in Swimming Instructing is very rewarding as students are responsible for teaching children vital swimming education. It is also a great job to earn an income on weekends and over school holidays. 

Who can be a Swimming Instructor?

Any student over 16 years of age can participate in this course. Students will not be issued a licence until 17 years of age.

Training options:

  • An individual can book into a public training course. This course is completed at various locations throughout WA.

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  • A group booking can be arranged for eight or more students at an aquatic centre of your choice or your school pool.

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Skills you will learn:

This course will train students in: 

  • Planning, delivering and reviewing a lesson 
  • How children learn
  • Being an effective teacher
  • Principles of movement in water 
  • Aquatic safety, survival and rescue skills 
  • Water familarisation, buoyancy and mobility 
  • Teaching safer diving skills 
  • Efficient stroke development 

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Looking for a new job? 

If you’re searching for a job in the WA aquatic recreation industry, the Royal Life Saving Job Board can help you find a position.

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