Become a Swimming and Lifesaving Club!

Creating a Swimming and Lifesaving Club is a great way to attract new members and keep swimmers and families coming back to the pool, with a variety of swimming and lifesaving activities that can be offered throughout the year.

On top of regular swimming, Swimming and Lifesaving Clubs have access to a wide range of Royal Life Saving resources and supported programs including lifesaving sport, lifesaving awards (Bronze Star and Bronze Medallion), CPR and First Aid training, and opportunities to become a Coach or Official.

There are two ways to become a Swimming and Lifesaving Club:

  1. Existing organisations including swim, surf or aquatic sport clubs can become affiliated with Royal Life Saving, or partner with a current Swimming and Lifesaving Club; or
  2. Start a new Swimming and Lifesaving Club at your local pool, Swim School, or aquatic facility.

Members of Royal Life Saving affiliated clubs are eligible to compete at all nationally and internationally sanctioned lifesaving sport competitions.