What is pool lifesaving?

Pool lifesaving is more than just a sport.

Pool lifesaving builds confidence, teaches teamwork and is perfect for those who want to add an extra dimension to their swimming.

The sport of pool lifesaving tests a lifesaver's skills in rescue, accident prevention and emergency care, teaching skills that will save lives and last a lifetime. Pool Lifesaving also provides a great opportunity to learn or refresh your resuscitation and rescue skills.

Ready for a challenge?

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the dynamic sport of pool lifesaving!

The skills of Pool Lifesaving can easily be incorporated into an existing swim program, swim club or school sports. Our Sport Development Officers (or even one of our State competitors!) can come out to your pool and teach you all the skills needed to run a successful program from beginners through to the elite athlete.

Royal Life Saving has an established pool lifesaving sport participation pathway that provides opportunities for lifesavers from community level to elite level.

Click below to see more demonstrations of pool lifesaving in action:

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How to Get Involved in Pool Lifesaving


Pool lifesaving is an ideal alternative to widely recognised sports such as football, basketball, netball or hockey. If you're looking for an alternative sport to increase your fitness while also learning valuable lifesaving skills find out more by filling in the form at the link below.

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Schools and Clubs:

Pool lifesaving is also a great addition to learn-to-swim programs at swim schools, swim clubs or even school swimming programs.

Have a Royal Life Saving Sport Development Officer visit your pool and teach you all the skills needed to run a successful program, from beginners (of all ages) through to the elite athlete.

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Want to Join a Club?

Are you interested in getting involved in the Sport of Pool Lifesaving or just want to get fit, join a club near to you.

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