An internal image of the Shed, showing a huge room with workshop facilities

The Jigalong Shed Complex provides an infrastructure base that encourages community members to participate in pathways to employment and enterprise. The facility was designed to serve as a hub for educational activities, training, community enterprise and generation of local economic activity.

Construction of the Shed was completed in November 2012 with the facility formally commencing operations in June 2014 under Royal Life Saving WA management.

The Shed complex itself comprises of:

  • A 560 sq/m workshop 
  • Two training rooms (62 sq/m upstairs and 15 sq/m downstairs)
  • Office space and crib rooms
  • First Aid Room
  • Self-contained accommodation within the footprint of the workshop
  • Site managers residence
  • 4 x Self-contained accommodation units
  • Communal kitchen and laundry facilities 

Since commencing operations, the range of equipment, training, personal development employment opportunities have continually evolved. The following images document the changing landscape within the Shed Complex and just a small sample of the activities undertaken from this facility.

A bobcat digging in red dirt  The Jigalong Shed Artwork on the fence of the Jigalong Shed 

A group of aboriginal youth in the pool with their trainer at Jigalong

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