Auto Pool Cleaner Guide

Image of automatic pool cleaner on the floor of a pool

It's a hot day and you're about to cool off with a quick dip. There's just one problem, the pool is filthy!

Your options are to clean the slime, grime and leaves yourself, or head to the pool shop to buy the best automatic pool cleaner to do the job for you.

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners out on the market: suction, pressure and robotic.

But which pool cleaner best suits your pool and lifestyle?

Suction Cleaners

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Pressure Cleaners

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Robotic or Electric Self-Propelled Cleaners

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Other features to consider when buying a pool cleaner

  • Adjustable: Your pool cleaner should be able to cope with different pool shapes and sizes by adjusting hose buoyancy and main flow. 
  • Hose length: Make sure the hose reaches from one end of your pool to the other, plus a metre or two.
  • Ability to navigate steps: Some cleaners can climb steps if needed.
  • Pool covers: Some cleaners can be used while there is a cover on your pool, some cannot!

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A little boy standing by the pool looking down at the water

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