Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners are more powerful than suction cleaners. Most models operate with an additional booster pump which needs a separate hose connection in the pool wall. 

These can be expensive to retrofit so look at another model if your pool doesn't already have one.

Pressure cleaners that connect directly into your existing pool pump may put strain on the filtration system.


  • Can reach into tight corners.
  • Can collect everything from fine sand to rocks and leaves.
  • Can be faster than suction cleaners.


  • More expensive than suction cleaners.
  • Need more maintenance.

image of a pressure pool cleaner in a pool


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First Aid Training

Learn first aid from a basic 1 day course to Advance First Aid and Resuscitation Techniques.

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It’s amazing where learning to swim can take you! Visit one of our Endorsed Swim Schools to start realising the benefits of quality aquatic education.

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