Robotic Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners run on electricity so you'll need a power point close to the pool.

Robotic pool cleaners operate using two electric motors: a water pump that sucks dirt in to the device’s filter, and a drive motor which moves the unit round the pool. In some cases, a jet drive is used in place of wheels driven by an electric motor.

Many robotic pool cleaners are computer-controlled and automatically “learn” the most efficient path to clean your pool. This means they perform very efficiently, which could save money on energy and chemicals compared to less intelligent units that rely on your pump’s circulation system.


  • Good for large pools.
  • Can possibly use less power due to intelligent cleaning.
  • Don't place extra pressure on your pool's pump and filtration system.


  • Inconvenient – you need to place them into the pool for a cleaning session and then remove them.
  • Don't tend to filter water while cleaning.
  • The most expensive of all the automatic pool cleaners.

image of robotic pool cleaner climbing the wall of a pool

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