Clean and Safe Winter Pools

A home pool covered with amn Elite Pool Cover and guarded by a fence.

An uncovered pool can lose up to 1.5 times its water volume to evaporation annually. A quality pool cover can stop evaporation and save up to 10,000 litres of water per month. It also saves on up to 50% of chemical use. While no cover can guarantee total loss prevention - some is always lost - the best result is to ensure the total loss is as low as possible. 

Another handy hint to remember is that if you leave a pool cover on too long the chloramines, produced as a by-product of pool chlorination, will eat away at the cover, bleaching it and making it brittle. A secondary problem is that if the pool water doesn’t “breathe” the chloramine build-up can also potentially destroy a fibreglass pool.

Our friends at Elite Pool Covers have just released two excellent safety pool covers, well suited to the cooler months - The Elite Super Mesh Cover and The Elite Pool Protector. As a double bonus these covers not only keep your pool cleaner over the winter months, but can also hold up to 65kg of weight to keep small children and pets safe in an emergency!

Elite Pool Protector Pool Cover System

This system (pictured above) is ideally suited for pools up to 56m2 in size. The Pool Protector is manufactured from strong, long life UV resistant vinyl that comes in a wide range of colours, and keeps debris out of your pool to make winter maintenance a breeze! The Elite Pool Protector is manually operated or can be supplied with a motorised Elite Ezy-Off system. A built in roller mechanism allows the Pool Protector Safety Cover to be rolled on and off your pool in less than three minutes.

A new installation takes around an hour and covers only take minutes to fit at the start of each winter and remove in spring.

Elite Super Mesh Cover 

A Super Elite Pool Cover sits over a suburban home poolThe super smooth surface fabric means that any debris which lands or blows onto the tight Super Mesh cover will blow off again, or you can simply sweep it off yourself. 

The Super Mesh Cover can be anchored over the entire pool, and as it is woven it enables the chloramines to escape. The cover has very little thermal contribution and due to its woven, ‘trampoline style’ design, is very good at keeping debris out.

Both covers are issued with a PASCAA certificate by the Pool and Spa Cover Association of Australia (PASCAA) and come with a 10-year warranty.

It’s vital to remember that a pool cover never replaces the need for a well maintained, compliant pool barrier. Find out more about pool barrier safety at the link below.

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Great news for Royal Life Saving WA Members!

Elite Pool Covers is offering ten percent off the price of solar, thermal and safety covers, plus they will donate a percentage of sales from all Safety Covers sold to Royal Life Saving WA each year, contributing towards our Community Help Grants which assist families following a non-fatal drowning incident.

For more information on Elite Pool Covers and their partnership with RLSSWA, click below.

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