Spring Time Pool Games

A young girl burst out of a swimming pool

As the weather warms up, it’s time to dust off your togs and get ready for some serious pool fun!

Below is a compiled list of fun pool games to try this spring… so read on, then jump in!

Searching Games

  • Treasure Hunt - Put some money on a diving game by throwing spare change into the water. Let players dive for the coins. The winner could come out a bit richer!
  • Scavenger Hunt - Find pairs of items that will sink in the water and drop them into the pool. See who can find one of each of the items first!
  • Pirates - For this game, select an odd number of diving toys and toss them into the pool. The players are divided into two teams and whichever team comes back with the most pool toys wins!
  • Invisibottle - Fill a clear plastic water bottle with water and try to find it in the pool. You’ll be surprised how easily it camouflages!
  • Marco Polo - This is a classic swimming game known for having lots of cheaters, so make sure to keep everyone honest! One player closes their eyes in the pool and when he/she calls out “Marco,” the rest of the players have to call back “Polo!” Whoever is “it” has to try and find someone to tag and once they do, that person becomes “it”. Just remember, whoever is “it” has to keep their eyes closed and the rest of the players have to answer when he/she calls “Marco”. Don’t let the person who is “it” wander into any walls or the deep end!

Diving/Jumping Games

  • Belly Flop Contest – An old classic and always good for a laugh! Just make sure the water is deep enough.
  • Handstand Contest – This game is simple. One player is the “judge” and the rest do an underwater handstand and see who can hold it the longest. The judge determines the winner. Just make sure nobody holds their breath too long!
  • Jump/Dive/Twist – This is best off a diving board and should only be played in water 6 feet deep or greater. One player goes to the diving board and as soon as they are just about to jump, friends below yell either “jump,” “dive,” or “twist”. The diver then must react quickly to be able to complete the correct action.
  • Cannonball contest – Need we say more? Again, just make sure the water is deep enough and go for the biggest splash!

Chasing Games

  • Mermaid/Dolphin/Submarine Races – A game with lots of names, just hold your breath and see who can swim the furthest. Just be careful that nobody holds their breath too long!
  • Sharks and Minnows – a swim team favourite, one player starts off as the “shark” and the rest of the players line up at one end of the pool. When the shark says “go,” the “minnows” try to swim past him/her to the other side of the pool. If a minnow is tagged, they become a shark until there are no minnows left!
  • Categories – One player stands outside of the pool, right at the edge, and names a category such as colours, breakfast cereal, etc. The rest of the players are in the water, lined up at the end of the pool and they each think of an item within the selected category. The person who is "it" turns around and starts listing items from that category (blue, red, green etc.). When the players in the water hear their selection called out, they must try to swim to the other side of the pool as quickly and quietly as possible. If the person who is "it" hears them, they turn around, jump into the water, and try to catch them before they reach the other side of the pool. If they catch them, that player becomes “it”.
  • Dolphins and Sharks – Designate half of the players as dolphins and the other half as sharks. One end of the pool will be a “safe spot” for the dolphins, and the other end for the sharks. Have both teams start out in the middle of the pool and have a third-party yell either “dolphins attack” or “sharks attack!”. Whoever is called must try and tag as many players from the other team as they try to swim quickly back to their safe spot. The game ends when all the players are on the same team.

Games That Are Fun To Watch

  • Duck Push – This game is good for a laugh! Take a few floating rubber ducks and have players race to push them across the pool with their noses. Whoever’s duck makes it to the finish line first wins! This game is great for children who may not be the strongest swimmers. Just remember to stay close!
  • Chicken Fight – This game is better for teens or adults. Make sure to stay away from the sides of the pool so no one gets hurt! Create two-person teams where one person is on the bottom and the other sits on their shoulders. The goal is to knock the other team’s top person off the bottom person. Be careful with this one, it can get crazy!
  • Greased Watermelon Football – This is just as fun to watch as it is to play! Grease a watermelon with Vaseline or something similar and throw it into a pool. Two teams duke it out to see who can get the watermelon out of the pool first. It is tricky to hang on to that watermelon!
  • Atomic whirlpool – This game works best with a large group of people. While in the water, run or walk as fast as you can around the outer edge of the pool. This will create a current that will gently carry everyone like a “whirlpool”.


Swimming games are a fun way to get active in the pool, but it is important to stay safer in the water as well. Be aware of the swimming skills of each child involved and be sure to have at least 1 adult in the water for every 5 kids playing.


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