These first aid tips from Royal Life Saving may help you to provide first aid in an emergency. We all respond to first aid emergencies in different ways. Some of us will be afraid that we will do the wrong thing and make the situation worse. If you are unsure about what to do, call for an ambulance. The worst thing to do is to do nothing.

Learning first aid techniques can help you cope in an emergency. First aid skills may be able to help to keep a person breathing, to reduce their pain or to minimise the consequences of injury or sudden illness until an ambulance arrives.

First aid is not hard to learn, and provides you with an invaluable set of skills that you can use any time they're needed.

In An Emergency, Call 000

First Aid is a way to help people to survive until professional medical help can be given. It's not a substitute for professional medical help.

In any medical emergency the first thing you should do is call 000 and ask for an ambulance. 000 is a free call from anywhere in Australia, including mobiles.  If your mobile phone is out of range from your normal network then you can dial 112.

The information provided is designed to help you during a medical emergency.