Treating Teeth Injuries

a close up image of a girls mouth as she smiles with teeth showing

If you or someone you know has had a tooth or teeth knocked out, locate the tooth as quickly as you can (avoid touching the root).

If the tooth has been recovered from a dirty surface (dirt, sand etc) rinse the tooth with milk, if no milk is available then very quickly under tap water (do not soak the tooth or scrub it).

Insert the tooth back into the same position that it was prior to it being knocked out (make sure it’s the right way around), once in place, bite down on a clean piece of soft cloth or tissue to help keep tooth in place.

If it won’t go back in, don’t force it.

Keep the tooth moist, in a small container with a just enough milk or saliva to cover the tooth (do not place it in water)

See a dentist IMMEDIATELY, ideally within 30 mins.

Always remember:

  • DO NOT hold the tooth by the root
  • DO NOT scrub or rub the tooth
  • DO NOT delay finding and visiting a dentist


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