Dam Safety

A dam in a field with grass and trees 

Between 2003 and 2013, 9 drowning deaths in WA occurred in dams. 55% of these involved children aged 8 and under.

The flat, still surface of a dam can give a false sense of security, and it can be all too tempting for a child to think it looks like a safe place to play.

How do I keep children safe around dams?

Dams are not patrolled by lifeguards, and should someone get into trouble, there may be no one there to assist. It is vital that whenever children are playing on farms adults are always within arms reach to ensure they don't wander off to play in areas where there could be dangers.

On average 4 children under the age of five fatally drown in farm dams every year and there are approximately 3 hospitalisations for every drowning death.

How can I play safely in a dam?

Dams can be a great play place on a farm if they are used safely.  When swimming in a dam always enter the water slowly, feet first and never dive in as the water can also be shallower or deeper than first thought due to steep drop-offs in dams. Submerged objects, even in seemingly tranquil water, can also prove to be very dangerous. Be aware that the water could be cold and can cause hypothermia.

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For further information on keeping safe around dams and other water bodies on the farm head to our Farm Water Safety page.

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