Happy Camping

A white four wheel drive vehicle parked on a hillside with camping chairs, a tent, campfire and caravan 

Dust off that tent, hook up the caravan and pile the eskies in the car – because in WA there’s plenty of places to head to for a camping getaway!

As fun as camping with family and friends can be, we all know that there’s things we need to keep in mind when heading out bush or away for the weekend. To take the stress off your mind, we’ve compiled a list of handy hints and tips to keep you safe out and about, and ensure your next trip away has nothing but happy campers.

First Aid:

Before you head off, pack a well-stocked first aid kit in the car. Whether it’s a fall during a hike or a mosquito bite, it pays to be prepared for accidents. Bulk band aids are recommended!
We also recommend stocking up on jackets, towels and water - these all come in handy to keep campers happy when accidents happen.

Water Safety:

Nothing beats camping by a lake, river or close by the beach. Next time you load the kayaks on the car or pack your bathers in your bag before camping, remember to pack your lifejackets too. 
Lifejackets save lives, and wearing a lifejacket never ruined a day out on the water, whether you’re in a boat or just on a kayak!

Always check water conditions and depths before jumping in, avoid running along river banks, stick together and have an aid nearby. Esky lids, sticks and tie downs all double as aids for rescues if need be.

Need to know:

Before you head away, know the local radio stations so you can listen to any emergency flood or fire warnings, know where the nearest hospitals are and keep the local ranger's number handy.
Driving in flood waters is dangerous – there’s always another way to get to where you need to go.

Are we there yet? Go on, get packing and get camping – WA’s waiting for you!

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