Keep Swimming in Winter

image of a person swimming head down in a pool with arms out in front

When winter kicks in, it’s easy to hang up your swimming cap, pop your bathers away and say goodbye to your goggles - after all, who wants to leave a warm and cosy bed for a cold pool?

You do! Swimming in winter is a great way to stay fit, active and keep adding to your swimming skillset.

We have prepared some top tips to keep swimming this winter!

Don’t delay

We’ve all been there - hitting snooze on alarms, bypassing the pool for a hot coffee or promising ourselves we’ll get back in the pool come summer. Whether it means booking pool space, telling your family or friends you’re going or pre-packing your bag the night before - start swimming as early on in winter as you can and fight the excuses!

Seize the day

Schedule swimming for during the day. If you can, plan your sessions to be during the day and avoid early mornings or night sessions. This is a sure-fire way to keeping your goggles on and your motivation high!

Be a ‘hot head’

Keep your head toasty by popping a second cap on for winter swimming sessions. It may sound silly, but it’s a great way to retain head heat and stay warmer in the water.

Keep it inside

Find an indoor swimming pool and ditch your outdoor summer spot for a heated pool. This will keep you comfortable and you will less likely be affected by cold wind or rain!

Treat yourself!

Swimming in winter is something to be proud of, so finish a session off by rewarding yourself with a nice warm coffee or hot chocolate – you deserve it!

Equipped with our handy hints and a healthy dose of bravery, dust of the bathers, hop in and enjoying your swimming this winter!

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