Staying safe at events

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There are so many opportunities across Perth and it’s surrounds to enjoy community festivals, music concerts, sporting events and celebrations. Royal Life Saving WA has some tips to help keep you, your family and friends safe and comfortable at events.

Do your research

In the weeks leading up to the event the event organisers and venues will publish important information regarding:
  • The opening and closing times of the venue.
  • The venue layout.
  • Detailed maps of the venue.
  • Directions to the venue via car, train and bus.
  • Information regarding prohibited or restricted items such as cans, glass bottles or caps on water bottles.
By using this information you will be able to effectively plan how to travel to and from the event and decide upon a public meeting point at the venue whereupon you can regroup if you become separated. You are also able to plan an exit route in case you need to leave quickly. It is also really important to find out where the First Aid posts are located. If an emergency does occur, stay calm, head for the nearest exit and listen for official instructions.

Be sun smart

Check the weather before you go. Prioritise the belongings you plan to take with you so that you are not stuck carrying unnecessary items. If it is a day event make sure that, amongst your absolute essentials you pack sunscreen and a hat.

Stay hydrated

During events, especially in summer, the risk of dehydration and heat stroke are very real. If you’re drinking alcohol you are at even greater risk of dehydration. Make sure you bring a refillable bottle of water to stay hydrated the entire time. Check to make sure personal water bottles are permitted inside the event – if not, make sure to bring enough money to purchase drinks to stay hydrated.

Stay safe

Consider the following to stay safe at events:
  • It is always beneficial to stay in groups or with at least one friend. Whilst many event attendees do not seek out trouble, unfortunately incidents do occur where individuals get caught in a fight or other confrontation.
  • If you start to feel sick, overheated or dizzy, ask someone – preferably an event official - for help. If you’re able, head toward the first aid station. Don’t worry about missing the event – your well being is much more important.
  • Throw a small bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag or pocket. Being surrounded by large numbers of people also means being surrounded by germs. Washing or sanitising your hands regularly can help you avoid bringing a nasty cold or flu home with you.
  • Finally, the most important post-event security precaution that your group can adopt is to stick together. By always travelling as a group to and from public events and by selecting well-lit, busy routes, such as main roads and footpaths that avoid shortcuts, alleyways or poorly lit underpasses, you can avoid trouble and conclude your day on a happy note.


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