The 'BEST' boating check

boat being launched off a boat ramp into the river

Developed by the Department of Transport, the BEST (Boat, Equipment, Safety, Trailer) boat check is a simple way to remember the key checks you should carry out before every boating trip.

In addition to the recommended 45-point annual check of your boat, completing a routine BEST check before each trip will ensure your gear is in good order and minimise any problems on the day.

Below are the steps for completing your BEST check:

1. Check your BOAT

  • Batteries
  • Fuel and oil
  • Steering
  • Keys and bungs
  • Suitability for the planned area of operation

2. Check your EQUIPMENT

  • Test run your motor
  • Use your trailing bracket
  • Load your equipment for the voyage

3. Check your SAFETY Equipment

  • All safety equipment for the area of operation
  • Check boating weather forecast for predicted conditions
  • Log on with Sea Rescue via radio

4. Check your TRAILER

  • Trailer lights
  • Tyre pressure and bearings
  • Tow hitch and safety chains
  • Tie downs


Completing these simple checks will ensure a great day out on the water.

To make sure you have all you need for the day, check out our Boating Equipment Checklist at the link below.

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