Green Pool Recovery

 A swimming pool with green algae growing in it

If you take your pool cover off and find a green swamp where your pool used to be it can be heartbreaking! But, follow these simple steps and you can take your pool from green back to crystal clear.

Test your swimming pool water

Take a sample of pool water for analysis - this will tell you exactly what the pH and chlorine levels are and determine the extent of the problem. When chlorine levels drop below 1 ppm, it can cause algae to grow in the pool, turning the pool water green.

Balance the pH level in the pool

Balance the pH by adding either an acid or a base to bring the level to just around 7.8. This is at the high end of the range you would normally want in your pool, but that's necessary when you're treating it for algae.

Add super shock chlorine

Next you’ll need to give your pool a shock dosing of chlorine. The stronger levels of a super shock product will quickly kill or neutralise any organic substances in your pool.

Clear up the water

To get sparkling clear water, you need to loosen up the algae in your pool so it then can be easily vacuumed up. Do this by using a high potency flocculent. It will also improve the performance of your pool filter.

Kill off any algae

In a green pool, you will need to use a high strength algaecide to effectively kill off any algae or other life floating in your pool.

Brush pool walls

Brush pool walls to remove algae. Then vacuum the loosened algae from the pool floor the next day.

Make sure your filter is working effectively

Pool water needs to be filtered, and will not clear up very quickly if you have a filter that doesn't work properly. It doesn't matter how much shock you put in the pool if you have a poor filter.

Re-check chemical levels

All chemical levels should be in the normal range.


If you follow these simple steps your pool will be transformed from green to clean and ready for swimming in no time!

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