Pool Gate Latch Recall

A small boy reaching up to a pool gate latch

SafeTech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd (SafeTech Hardware) and the ACCC have announced a product recall of the striker component of their key lockable pool gate latches.

The pool gate products include:

  • SafeTech Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
  • SafeTech TriLatch (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe TriLatch (Key Lockable)

More information can be found on the Product Safety and the Consumer Protection WA websites. 

SafeTech Hardware have set up communication channels to assist consumers to resolve the issue and retain their existing pool compliance status. Further information can be found by calling 1300 034 096 to discuss your replacement options or visiting the SafeTech website and registering your details.

An effective barrier is critical to pool safety. This includes a well maintained self-closing, self-latching gate that complies with Australian Standards.

Royal Life Saving urges all home pool owners to immediately check that their pool gate is in good working order, and if it is one of the SafeTech Hardware products listed above that they follow manufacturer’s instructions, disable the lock and seek a replacement.

Royal Life Saving will continue to work with the swimming pool industry who play an important role in promoting safety. The distributors of the G8Safe range have been active contributors to Royal Life Saving’s child drowning prevention research and advocacy efforts, and specifically provide support for the Keep Watch program.

Pro-active leadership, an emphasis on safety and product improvement is critical to continuing our collective efforts to reduce child drowning.


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