Industry Reports

Each year the Royal Life Saving Society WA, in conjunction with LIWA Aquatics, produces a report on the state of the Aquatic Industry in Western Australia.

The report is produced with financial assistance from the Department of Sport and Recreation, and aims to;
  • Better understand the aquatic industry as a collective and to quantify key outputs, 
  • Monitor risks to patron safety and identify trends, 
  • Evaluate compliance to industry benchmarks and standard operating procedures, and 
  • Be a catalyst for discussion and an evidence base for ongoing program development.
Aquatic centres provide significant benefits to the WA community, in terms of community development, sport, recreation, health and fitness. It is important that this research measures and reports on industry successes and highlights areas in need of improvement and development.

You can download current and previous Bigger, Better, Safer reports below:

The 2020-21

State of the Industry Report

Cover page of Bigger Better Safer report for 2020-21

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