Understanding the composition of the Aquatic industry allows for the identification of areas of improvement. It has been positive to observe an increased trend in patronage across WA facilities, reflecting community involvement at their local pool. 

Expenditure has also increased, repeating an upwards trend observed over the past five years. Financial outlays are also on the rise when analysed per patron visit.

In 2015 LIWA was the winner of the Western Australian Water Corporation CEO Award for Water Efficiency Leadership, recognising water wise endeavours. Water consumption at WA aquatic facilities is trending downwards, a quantification of increased attempts to be water wise.

Pools are consistently seeking to better serve their communities and provide swimming and water safety lessons for all. It is encouraging that at risk groups including the disabled, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Cultural and Linguistically Diverse groups are having their needs increasingly catered for at centres around WA. 

While overall workforce surpluses are evident across the state, this is not always reflected in individual regions. It will be necessary to work to look at methods of distributing lifeguards, pool operators and swimming teachers across areas of need.

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