Sting safety

close up of a bee and a jellyfish

In the warmer weather when we're out and about more, so too are the jellyfish, snakes and bees  increasing the potential for nasty stings and bites! While you can’t always avoid crossing paths with these little critters, it is helpful to ‘bee’ prepared!


It may come as a surprise that jellyfish have no brain and no eyes – so they don't intend to sting! Instead, crossing paths with a jiggling jellyfish is just an unfortunate, yet common, coincidence.
Here are our tips for treating a jellyfish sting:


  • Get out of the water
  • Remove any tentacles you can with tweezers
  • Jump in a hot shower (this kills the stinging tentacles) 
  • Ice the affected area (this helps with pain management)


  • Put urine on the sting
  • Use vinegar for all stings, it’s best for tropical jellyfish stings!
  • Rub the area
  • Apply pressure bandages


Here's what to do if you've been stung by a bee:

  • Call emergency services if you have a known allergy
  • Look to see if the stinger is still present (look for a small black dot at the sting site)
  • Remove the stinger (you can use something hard like a credit card to swipe over the area)
  • Ice the affected area (this helps with pain management)

Now that you’re armed with how to manage those pesky tentacle stings and bee stings, you’re all set to head out and safely enjoy yourself in spring and summer!

Of course, the other nasty bite you need to watch out for is a snake bite! Learn how to tackle that one at the link below:

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