Managing Risks

A tree branch fallen into a river

Can you spot a potential hazard?

Risks are present in all aquatic locations, including pools, beaches and rivers. Spotting a risk and minimising and removing that risk has the potential to prevent accidents and keep your friends, family members and others safe by the water.

Risks and dangers may be as simple as a water safety sign that is covered or knocked over, a sharp stick nearby a river entry point, a slippery pool deck or even a faulty lifejacket you spot before hopping on a boat.

Some risks can be easily removed or managed, however, removing risks can sometimes put you in danger. It is important to prioritise yourself when removing risks and call for help or assistance if you will be put in danger or harmed If you attempt to take action.

So how can you help? Always assess every environment before you choose to swim or recreate on the water and ensure you are equipped with all the equipment you need to stay safe, this may be a first aid kit, a towel to keep warm or a charged phone to use to call for help if needed.

You can do your bit to keep yourself and others safe, by looking out for potential hazards and helping to remove or minimise them.

Learn more safety tips for while you're out and about at the link below.

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