A lifesaver at just six years old

1 December 2017

Royal Life Saving Society’s WA’s motto is that “Everyone Can Be a Lifesaver!” and this is made all the more true when we see young children saving the lives of others!

In April this year 6 year old Finnley Regler was enjoying a swim with his brothers in their grandparent’s swimming pool. His mum Angela was watching the kids by the pool but ducked inside briefly to get something. Unknown to her the two older boys got out of the pool as well.

Finnley with his mum Angela, Governor Kerry Sanderson AO and her guardFinnley also left the pool to grab a ball and the youngest member of the family, 3-year-old Israel tried to climb out of the pool but fell back in and began to sink. Finn quickly noticed Issy was in trouble and shouted to his mum “Mummy, it’s Issy he is drowning!”

Without hesitation Finn then jumped into the pool and came up behind his young brother, supporting him while treading water. Angela rushed into the pool area and jumped in to pull Issy out. Finnley made his own way to the side of the pool and climbed out.

The paramedics were called and they came to assess Israel and take him to hospital for some further observation. Finnley escorted his brother in the ambulance too and thankfully Issy made a full recovery.

When asked how he knew what to do Finn said that he’d learned about saving others during his school in-term swimming lessons! His mum says the whole incident has made her realise how important swimming education is. “I now see the value of a life-long commitment to swimming lessons, first aid and CPR, and will be encouraging all my children to carry on with their swimming lessons right through until they achieve their Bronze Medallion.”

She says her children had always been told to have a plan around water and in this instance Finnley’s plan was to save his brother. For his courageous act Finnley recently received a Royal Life Saving Society WA Gold Star Bravery Award.

Do you know someone whose saved a life? Why not nominate them for a Royal Life Saving Bravery Award? Find out more at the link below.

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