Royal Life Saving Bravery Awards

2023 Bravery Awards recipients

Recognising our brave heroes of rescue & resuscitation

The Royal Life Saving Bravery Awards are designed to recognise and acknowledge the efforts and actions of everyday people within the community who have performed a rescue and/or resuscitation, applying their knowledge to save another’s life.

One group of recipients in 2023 included Damian Cato, Ainslie Mitchell, Alexis Bell, Alex Ferris, Scarlet Walker and Mahana Roy. Holidaymakers Damian and Ainslie were on a snorkelling excursion at Turtle Bay in the Abrolhos Islands with Eco Abrolhos Cruises when a fellow snorkeller was found unconscious in the water.

Crew members Alexis, Alex, Scarlet and Mahana removed the man from the water with the help of other boat patrons, and Damian and Ainslie stepped in to commence CPR. Meanwhile, the crew radioed for assistance, organised a defibrillator and ensured other passengers were okay.

Damian and Ainslie continued CPR until the defibrillator arrived. The man began breathing following three shocks from the defibrillator, he was then administered oxygen and monitored until emergency services arrived and airlifted him to the mainland. Thankfully, the snorkeller survived the incident.

This is just one example of heroism demonstrated by everyday lifesavers all over WA – if you know of someone who deserves recognition for an act of bravery, nominate them today!

Do you know someone who deserves a Bravery Award?

Nominations for the Bravery Awards can be made by anyone who has information about the incident, at any time of the year. Individuals can be nominated for brave acts that occur in any environment and nominations for those who have demonstrated use of qualifications such as resuscitation, first aid, bronze medallion, pool lifeguard etc. are encouraged.

The Royal Life Saving Society WA Honours and Awards Committee assesses each nomination and approves awards based on the criteria outlined in the Bravery Awards Structure. Every action is courageous, as is the person behind the action. So why not become a part of something inspiring?

Bravery Award nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2024 awards.

To nominate someone for a Bravery Award, please download and complete the nomination form below and return it via email to the address listed on the form.

Bravery Award Nomination Form:

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