Aquatic safety on the agenda in Collie

3 November 2016

Royal Life Saving Society WA recently led a risk management session at the Collie Mineworkers Memorial Pool.

Royal Life Saving is working hard to ensure all aquatic facilities across WA provide the safest environment possible for patrons to enjoy aquatic activity. WA currently enjoys a proud record of safety with no drowning deaths at a public pool in our state for more than 10 years.

Our Risk Management department is working with venues to enable them to have a clear understanding of all the relevant Australian Standards and best practice procedures for the safety of both patrons and staff.

The recent facilitated evacuation involved staff from the Collie Mineworkers pool, including Pool Manager Maurice Dhue, Assistant Managers and Aquatic Officers. Staff from the local Aqua Splash Swim School were also invited to take part.

Royal Life Saving Society WA’s Aquatic Risk Safety Specialist Jodie Thomson led the session, discussing and reviewing the facility’s Emergency Action Plan, and ensuring all those attending understood the importance of having in place a properly managed evacuation procedure.

Those who took part in the session were able to explore probable scenarios that may happen in a pool environment, and how both staff and stakeholders can best be mentally and physically prepared in the event of a real life emergency scenario.

Royal Life Saving has been working with the Shire of Collie for 13 years, conducting regular inspections of the Collie Mineworkers Memorial Pool, and providing guidance in the development of appropriate risk management and evacuation procedures.

This recent risk management session achieved positive outcomes, in highlighting areas for improvement, networking among local stakeholders, and assisting in the provision of a safe aquatic environment for the local community to enjoy.

To find out more about the services we provide for aquatic centres head to our Risk Management page at the link below.