Be a Mermate returns to schools

21 September 2020

A member of our Youth Water Safety team manning a stall at a high schoolAfter being absent in schools throughout the COVID-19 period, our Youth Water Safety team started attending high schools again during Term Three, promoting our Be A Mermate messaging at expos and through presentations.

Attending high schools is a great way for our Youth Water Safety team to share their vital drowning prevention messages to a large number of students in a short period of time. Over recent weeks the team has attended two high school expos and four Year 12 presentations, and the response from the students has been great.

When attending high school expos, the Youth Water Safety staff set up an interactive stall where students are required to answer a water safety question in order to receive resources such as sunscreen, beach balls, sunglasses or lollies. Using resources as an incentive for students to engage with our stall allows vital water safety messages to be communicated with these students, enabling them to gain knowledge they may not have otherwise received.

Presentations to Year 12 students combine harm minimization messages for the annual Leavers celebrations as well as more general alcohol and water safety messaging. Royal Life Saving volunteers attend Leavers celebrations each year acting as a support service, and providing activities for the students throughout the week. The students who attend our presentations throughout the year become familiar with our “Be A Mermate” water safety messaging, and are therefore more likely engage with our team at Leavers and put this messaging into practise during these celebrations.

Royal Life Saving WA’s Be A Mermate campaign encourages young people to lure their mates away from danger if they have been drinking and are getting close to the water. Students enjoy learning about this concept, with many laughs shared when they’re presented with the content. Royal Life Saving is pleased to have had the opportunity to engage with over 1,000 young people in the Perth Metropolitan area over recent weeks, providing water safety education to all. To explore more about the Don’t Drink and Drown program, click on the link below.

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