Locals awarded at Fitzroy Crossing Community Pool

3 April 2019

It was an exciting day at the Fitzroy Crossing Remote Aboriginal Community Pool yesterday, with a number of locals receiving awards from Royal Life Saving WA.

General Manager Community Relations Greg Tate was at the pool to hand out the awards, with more than 60 people attending along with major service groups from the local community - including the Fitzroy Police, Nindilingarri Cultural Health and The Shire of Derby - West Kimberley.

Community members gathering at Fitzroy Crossing Pool for an awards eventThe star of the day was Leithan Till who received a Royal Life Saving Bravery Award for saving the life of his cousin in the Fitzroy River last year. Leithan, who was just nine years old at the time, noticed that his 6 year old cousin Jonothan had fallen into the water from an overhanging branch during a family outing and was being swept away in the fast-moving water.

Leithan didn’t hesitate to act, running along the river to follow Jonothan, before diving in and managing to grab hold of him. He then swam them both back to the river’s edge and dragged him up the bank to safety. Jonathan escaped unharmed from an incident that could very easily have claimed his life had his brave cousin not been there to help.

Leithan was able to put into the place the skills he learnt through Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive lessons at the Fitzroy Crossing Pool, recognising the urgency of the situation and acting calmly and bravely to help. For the bravery he showed on that day, Leithan was awarded a Royal Life Saving Gold Star Bravery Award.

A number of other community members were also awarded for their commitment to assisting at the Fitzroy Crossing Pool throughout the season.

Dylan Storer received a Certificate of Thanks for the amazing help he provides at the pool, regularly volunteering his time to be the DJ at pool parties and pool discos. He also helps to set up the events and clean up when they’re finished.

Ben Storer and Belinda Storer also received a Certificate of Thanks for the assistance they provide with the start-up and shut-down of the pool each season, and also for helping out on days when the inflatable is being used in the pool and during pool parties and discos.

Fitzroy Crossing Pool Managers Trevor and Adele Caporn are extremely thankful for the help provide by local community members like the Storers, as it not only makes their job easier but also increases the community feel and atmosphere at the pool to have local families involved in its daily running and community activities held there.

To find out more about our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools across regional WA click the link below.

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If you know someone who has saved a life and would like to nominate them to receive a Royal Life Saving Bravery Award, nominations can be submitted at the link below.

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