Roadside resuscitation saves elderly man in Warnbro

26 November 2020

In March this year, Latara Ogle was driving along Ennis Avenue in Warnbro when she noticed a woman waving down traffic from the side of the road. Latara immediately pulled over to see what the problem was and discovered that the woman’s husband had collapsed.

Latara checked him for a response and found that he wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. After opening the man’s airway, Latara promptly commenced CPR. She directed the man’s wife to call 000 and instructed other bystanders to assist her. Making the situation even more difficult was the fact they were on the side of a very busy road, so trying to keep him out of danger was important.

Latara continued to perform CPR for several minutes, and eventually the man began to breathe again. Once the man’s condition appeared to have stabilised, Latara left him in the care of other bystanders as she had to continue on her way to collect her children from school. 

Paramedics arrived and took the man for treatment, his family later contacting Latara to let her know he had made a full recovery. “I was just so happy to hear about that and to know he had survived,” said Latara. “To know that I’d been able to help save the man’s life – that’s just amazing and it’s something I’ll think about forever now.” 

Latara was recently awarded a Royal Life Saving Gold Medallion Bravery Award for her actions that day. She didn’t hesitate to help someone in need, pulling over not knowing what situation she might be walking into. Her determination in performing CPR undoubtedly saved the man’s life, so he was very lucky that she happened to be driving by!

“It’s something I will cherish for a long time,” says Latara of her award. “My kids understand what it means, and that means a lot to me. It’s something they can be proud of their mum for.”

Do you know someone who has responded in an emergency to save a life? Nominate them for a Royal Life Saving Bravery Award at the link below.

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