Trainers continue to sharpen their skills in the new year

28 January 2020

Royal Life Saving WA recently held its first Trainer Seminar of the year at Bendat Basketball Centre in Mount Claremont. The seminar tackled important subjects by a variety of guests who are experts in their field, leading to a well-rounded day.

Performing cpr on a manikin

After a welcome to country presentation by Dennis Simmons he spoke on the importance of the relationship between Royal Life Saving WA and the Aboriginal community through programs such as the Talent Pool. This discussion allowed the trainers to gain valuable cultural insight and how they can use this knowledge in their training role.

As the day progressed they focused on mental health with Deb Reveley, the CEO and Principal Driver, of Brain Ambulance as she spoke about techniques to keep sane in a lifesaving role. Accomplished Ironman triathlete Caroline Ashby presented on heat stress and dehydration, which is a common issue Western Australian’s face. 

Trainers at the January 2020 seminar

Drug overdoses in sports and in event settings has been a growing safety concern in the community and Grace Oh, the Director at Australian Sports Drug Education and Consultancy, spoke on this issue. The group learned how to recognise signs and symptoms and how to react in these situations. 

In addition to the presentations trainers were given hands-on opportunities. They continually seek ways to refresh their skills and were able to do so for CPR with Chris Emery, professional lifeguard. He focused on the detect and correct method, proper hand placement and goals of CPR. These techniques were practised on CPR manikins. 

Royal Life Saving WA wanted to ensure the seminar focused on topics that were timely and relevant, and used feedback and input from the trainers to construct the day.Community Trainer Coordinator Francesca Amoroso explained that “we searched for experienced guest speakers who were able to provide further knowledge on these subjects.”


The event concluded with the following trainers being awarded for their hard work and dedication to their field:

  • Kerry Donaldson – WA Companion Award
  • Jessie Everington – Western Australia Associate Member Award
  • Claire Housden Monet – WA Service Order
  • Carl Stott – WA Service Order on behalf of Kalamunda Senior High School

Congratulations to our four award recipients and we’re eager to see the knowledge from today’s seminar used in the future.

If you’re interested in becoming a trainer click the link below for more information. 

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