Getting River Ready with Lake Joondalup Baptist College

18 December 2019

Lake Joondalup Baptist College recently dedicated a portion of their year 9 camp getting river ready through Royal Life Saving WA.

river ready huddle swim Earlier this year Lake Joondalup Baptist College recognised students were missing out on two weeks of swimming lessons when they transitioned from primary to secondary school. Realising the importance of water safety, they decided that participating in the River Ready program would teach them a variety of useful skills. 

In discussing the decision to run the program Talita Butchart, Head of Christian Education, noted that “the school realises that water safety is important for students now and into the future.”

Two experienced Royal Life Saving trainers, Cathy Calleja and Isabell Franzoni, worked with 15 students both on land and in water at Potters Gorge in Collie. The students enjoyed testing their rope throwing skills, learning to use the rescue tube and participating in a relay race to demonstrate their new-found skills. 

When asked about new information that was acquired, one student said she learned you “can use your surroundings to save people other than just safety equipment.”

River Ready rope throwThe River Ready program is designed for environments such as rivers, lakes and streams and is an excellent way to provide students with an opportunity to acquire a new lifesaving skill set. It also teaches safe water practices, aquatic rescue techniques and survival skills. 

The River Ready program suits everyone given the abundance and access of inland waterways in Western Australia. Click the link below to see which of our programs best suits you! 

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