River emergency prompts Ascot Kayak Club to act

13 February 2020

Over the school holidays the Ascot Kayak Club Junior members increased their skills through Royal Life Saving WA’s River Ready program. 

river ready participants applying CPR to a rescue doll The AKC has always been safety conscious however they were recently tasked with aiding a rower who had succumbed to a heart attack while on the water. This tragic incident highlighted gaps in their own preparedness for emergencies and prompted them to take action.  

River Ready was run in conjunction with their school holiday activities and included the participation of 13 children aged 8 to 16 years old. The kids enjoyed learning the new lifesaving skills including how to use equipment like rescue tubes and items that could be easily found near the water. 

The kids were already familiar with pool safety however it was particularly important to focus on river safety as it is where they spend the most time. The Swan River is a popular recreation spot in Perth and the AKC is quite a presence as they are the largest Kayak Club in Australia with a membership of over 650. 

Club treasurer Bec Florisson said “they come across a lot of people on the river that need help, and it’s not always life and death” which highlights the impact the club can have through increasing their first aid skills.River Ready participant attempting river rescue using tube

River Ready is a 3-hour program which helps teach kids lifesaving skills to keep them safe when kayaking, swimming or generally enjoying inland waterways. In the course they learn survival swimming, CPR, first aid and aquatic rescues which are reinforced through fun challenges and activities.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Ascot Kayak Club into the future, to impact water skills and safety. 

Anyone can benefit from being River Ready. Click here for more information on the program and for details on how to book your group!

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