Trainees set up for a bright future

22 September 2020

Royal Life Saving WA is proud to be able to support students as they build their skills to create a pathway into the sport and recreation industry. We achieve this by offering traineeships to young people, both school-based and individual.Trainees Harley Osborne and Shania Quartermaine by the pool at Leisurefit Boorgaoon

These traineeships last for 18 months, with individual trainees working on a full-time basis, while school-based traineeships are completed one day a week.

The sport and recreation sector offers a range of pathways and careers that impact positively on people's lives by contributing to their health and wellbeing, in addition to building stronger, happier, healthier and safer communities. Employment is often part time, casual or seasonal and isn't your typical nine-to-five office job.

Recently Royal Life Saving WA was pleased to see the following five participants complete their traineeships with us:

  • Max Wallace - Certificate III Aquatic and Community Recreation, City of Canning, at both Cannington and Riverton Leisureplex
  • Noah Lockyer-Ward - School Based Trainee, Certificate II in Sport & Recreation, Venues West HBF Stadium
  • Nicholas Mitchell - School Based Trainee, Certificate II in Sport & Recreation, Shenton Park Tennis Factory
  • Harley Osborne - Certificate III in Aquatic and Community Recreation, City of Melville Booragoon
  • Shania Quartermaine - Certificate III in Aquatic and Community Recreation, City of Melville, Booragoon


Trainees Noah Lockyer-Ward and Nicholas Mitchell with Royal Life Saving Trainers Kerrin Coon and Leanne Coverley-BrandisMax Wallace (pictured above) says he thoroughly enjoyed his time as a Leisure Facilities Trainee with the City of Canning and learned a lot of new skills that will give him a great base for his future career. “I have been trained throughout the year as a Centre Assistant, went through and completed my Pool Lifeguard course with Royal Life Saving, and have just started my progression into Pool Operations by going on the Group 1 Pool Operations course also through Royal Life Saving and the City of Canning. This traineeship has introduced me to an industry I knew next to nothing about. It has shown me how big the aquatic recreation community is and how amazing it is to get hands on behind the scenes of your local pool. It has allowed me to find a place in which I can continue to progress further into an industry which I have fallen in love with.”

He says anyone who loves variety in their work should consider taking a step into aquatics. “As my role is full time, my roster is split between lifeguarding, centre assistant work and what is referred to as admin work, which includes study time, maintenance and shadowing the Duty Officer. You will never be bored as there are always things to do. The work environment through both leisure facilities inside the City of Canning has been extremely welcoming and energetic, and its a workplace that I am always happy and excited to go to!”

Royal Life Saving is keen to work with more schools and individuals in developing more trainees to take up the many rewarding positions across the aquatic and sport and recreation industries. You can find out more by visiting the link below.

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