Yandeyarra children learn water safety skills

23 March 2021
Yandeyarra Remote Community School students recently participated in a Royal Life Saving WA Water Safety Talk, part of a series of regional Water Safety Talks across the Pilbara supported by Principal Community Partner BHP.

Royal Life Saving WA’s Sandra McKenzie, Pool Manager at the Yandeyarra Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool, visited the school to facilitate the classroom lesson.

The children learnt about the various bodies of water that are present in the Pilbara region, and ways to ensure they stay safe around them.

From identifying potential hazards to determining if water is ‘safe-to-swim’, the children were taught general rules of water safety for a variety of situations.

The children were provided with illustrated booklets, quiz sheets and other resources to use during the lesson and that they could take home afterwards. The specially designed sticker sheets were also a big hit with the kids!

Pilbara Development Officer Lauren Thompson, who has also been delivering Water Safety Talks within the Pilbara region, says, “The need to educate our remote and rural Pilbara kids about the waterways they encounter in comparison to children who are raised in metro areas is vitally important, and educates these children with lifelong knowledge that they can share with others.”

Learn more about the Royal Life Saving Water Safety Education program at the link below.
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