2015 Royal Life Saving Western Power Bravery Awards

1 December 2015

Outstanding acts of bravery have been recognised at the 2015 Royal Life Saving Western Power Bravery Awards, with a ceremony hosted at the Government House Ballroom.

Throughout the year the Royal Life Saving Society of WA accepts nominations for the Western Power sponsored Bravery Awards, to identify and reward people in our community who have taken extraordinary actions to save another person's life.

Royal Life Saving Society WA's Chief Executive Officer Peter Leaversuch said each award recipient displayed exceptional courage, empathy and initiative, by applying lifesaving skills in emergency situations, and sometimes at risk to themselves. "The bravery and commitment of these individuals in saving lives is an excellent example to all Western Australians and deserves our highest recognition. It sends the strongest message possible of the importance of obtaining lifesaving skills."

"As we approach another summer I encourage everyone to think about how they might, in their own way, make a contribution to drowning prevention. It may be to improve your own lifesaving skills, to raise awareness amongst your family, friends and workplace, or to help someone in need. Everyone can be a lifesaver", Mr Leaversuch said.

Western Power's Executive Manager Asset Operations, Dave Fyfe, said the Royal Life Saving Western Power Bravery Awards was an inspiring reminder that opportunities to assist people in critical situations can occur for anyone. "Being prepared and knowing what to do in emergency situations is important for us all. At Western Power we are constantly focused on keeping our workforce and the public safe from the dangers of electricity. We fully support Royal Life Saving in their focus on keeping our community safe, and join in congratulating the recipients of the 2015 Royal Life Saving Western Power Bravery Awards."

Western Power has been a proud supporter of the Royal Life Saving Society for over a decade.

A full list of the 2015 Royal Life Saving Western Power Bravery Awards recipients and their amazing acts can be found here.