Brave acts rewarded

16 December 2015

Royal Life Saving Society WA's Greg Tate, and Tony Head from the Leisure Institute of WA travelled to Broome and Derby this week to present Bravery Awards to a number of locals who were unable to attend the Royal Life Saving Western Power Bravery Awards in Perth last month.

First stop was Broome where three children, all under the age of 12, received Gold Medallion awards for rescuing 3 year old Sammy after she fell into a swimming pool during a family barbeque. Jodie Millroy, Daniela Goncalves and Simon Yuto spotted Sammy face down in the pool, dragged her to safety and alerted adults nearby. Simon then assisted in performing CPR on Sammy, who is his younger sister.

Greg Tate, Royal Life Saving Society WA's General Manager Community Relations says "The skills demonstrated by these children were exceptional under pressure and we would encourage all parents to ensure their children learn important Swim and Survive skills."

Mr Tate and Mr Head then travelled to Derby, where Gavin Bunbury, Jane McCulloch and Kristian Hawkless received Gold Medallion awards for resuscitating a man who collapsed following an early morning swim at the Derby Pool. Gavin was the pool manager on duty, while Kristian and Jane were both patrons enjoying a swim before work.

Mr Tate says "Royal Life Saving Society WA encourages every West Australia to learn swimming and lifesaving skills. In this situation these skills were vital, even from individuals who were simply at a swimming venue as patrons. When faced with a life threatening situation they were prepared and able to act appropriately to save a life."

The Royal Life Saving Society WA presents Bravery Awards annually, and if you know someone who has saved another person's life we would love to recognise them. You can find more information and complete the nomination form here.