Leavers enjoy 2019 Meelup Beach Day

26 November 2019
3,000 Year 12 graduates flocked to the beautiful Meelup Beach in Dunsborough last Wednesday as part of Leavers Week, attending the annual Meelup Beach Day run by Royal Life Saving WA’s Don’t Drink and Drown team. 

A group of Leavers enjoying Meelup Beach DayA highly anticipated event each year, even the cooler temperatures couldn’t keep the Leavers away! Despite the mercury only reaching a cool 19 degrees, the stunning backdrop of Meelup beach, giant inflatable aquatic playground, DJ and a variety of food trucks made for a day of fun that Leavers did not want to miss.

Leavers enjoyed making the most of the mobile photo booth, temporary tattoo station and face painting station. They accessed refreshments at the water drinking station, which also provided sunscreen so the young partygoers could stay sun smart throughout the day. A donation of 3,000 apples from Coles provided a healthy snack option for everyone attending.

During the months leading up to Leavers Week, Royal Life Saving WA’s Don’t Drink and Drown Coordinator attended six high schools to deliver presentations to over 1,000 students. The presentations gave students the information to make informed decisions throughout Leavers Week.Leavers playing volleyball on the beach as part of Meelup Beach Day

Key messages included the importance of staying together as a group, which support services attend Leavers Week and their roles, as well as how these services can help Leavers who feel unsafe or are in trouble.

The Don’t Drink and Drown Coordinator also attended the Leavers WA Parent Information Session to speak to a room of 300 parents. The session provided an insight into the Meelup Beach Day, what parents should tell their children who attend and provided information around other services the Don’t Drink and Drown crew provide throughout Leavers Week.

A special thanks goes out to all the organisations and support services who attended Meelup Beach Day to help out. The day would not have been possible without their support.

To learn more about Don’t Drink and Drown’s involvement throughout Leavers Week, follow the link below.
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