Each November over 10,000 graduates flock in high numbers to holiday hotspots around the state. This celebration known as Leavers, brings together large numbers, hot weather and alcohol. Even though the majority of celebrants are well behaved, a few partake in risky behaviour - including drinking and swimming

As part of the WA Police Leavers strategy, Royal Life Saving Society WA sends a group of volunteers across down to Dunsborough to ensure the event is safe and enjoyable for all who attend and arrange a load of fun activities to keep leavers busy during the week. The Meelup BeachFest is the biggest day event at the Dunsborough celebrations, with around 5,000 leavers attending, with a DJ, Inflatable floats, lawn games and beach sports. 

You will find everything you need to know about Leavers here. Including tips, checklists, destination guides and more!

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