Trainers from across WA come together

18 January 2018

Trainers from across the state have come together for Royal Life Saving WA’s inaugural trainers’ seminar. Around 70 of WA’s trainers are spending the day learning from the best in the industry.
Tina from Epilepsy Action
As well as providing personal development, the seminar also offers a great opportunity for the trainers to network with colleagues. As any trainer knows, the chance to chat and compare stories with other people in the industry is invaluable!

Running all day at Royal Life Saving WA's training rooms in Mt Claremont, the seminar offers trainers the chance to hear experts from organisations such as Epilepsy Action Australia, Asthma Foundation and, of course, Royal Life Saving WA talk about lifesaving issues.
Trainers in the training room
“I’m so glad I registered,” aquatic trainer Lee Duffy said, as he enjoyed morning tea. “It’s great for personal development, and also to learn about more specific issues, such as how to deal with an epileptic seizure.”

The action-packed day will conclude with the presentation of awards to our longest-serving and most committed trainers.

Want to make a difference in your community? Why not join us as a community trainer and use your first aid and aquatic rescue skills to empower other to save lives! Find out more at the link below.

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