Brave pair respond after train station attack

9 November 2020

Two Aboriginal boys from the Clontarf Academy at Girrawheen Senior High School recently received Royal Life Saving Bravery Awards, after assisting a man who’d been bashed and robbed by a group of teenage boys at the Stirling Train Station earlier this year.

17-year-old Jamison Ugle and 16-year-old Edward Lyndon saw the man lying unconscious on the ground and quickly ran to help. The man was having seizures so the pair placed him in the recovery position and Jamison took off his shirt, fashioned it into a pillow and placed it under the man’s head. Meanwhile, Edward went to try and get help from staff at the station. Other bystanders then came to assist, and the man was taken to hospital.Jamison and Edward with family and friends at the Bravery Awards

The pair had completed Royal Life Saving WA first aid training through the Clontarf Academy the year before, and Jamison says they used the skills they learned through that program when helping the man. “It’s important to stay calm and know first aid in emergencies. Do a first aid course yourself because that comes in pretty handy,” he said. “It’s good to be aware of your own safety and surroundings.”

Jamison said it was overwhelming to be recognised with a Royal Life Saving Bravery Commendation recently. “It’s just good news, sort of exciting in a way but also overwhelming. Things are sort of still the same but I get some attention around school and around the public.”

Edward said the award was a reminder that younger people looked up to him and Jamison and they should “do what they can do” in any situation. “It makes me feel like a leader, a role model for young kids. I never thought I’d be in that situation where I had to save a life; it just came to me quick. It was just helpful because we know first aid so we knew what to do.”

We congratulate Jamison and Edward for the amazing composure they showed under pressure, with their response saving the life of the victim of the attack.

If you know someone who’s responded in an emergency to save, or attempt to save, someone’s life make sure you nominate them for a Royal Life Saving Bravery Award. You can find out more at the link below.

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