Bravery Award for Kimberley hero

16 March 2017

During a recent visit to our state’s north Royal Life Saving Society WA’s General Manager Community Relations, Greg Tate, and Senior Manager Workforce Solutions, Travis Doye, had the privilege of presenting a Royal Life Saving Bravery Award to Khody Campbell.

Khody received the Gold Star award after putting his own life at risk to save the life of a young boy at Kununurra in March last year.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Khody was enjoying a cool off at Ivanhoe Crossing. It was a hot Kimberley day and the river was a great place to be!

Ivanhoe Crossing has long been popular with 4WD enthusiasts, who would cross the river in their vehicles. But after floodwaters caused damage to its structure in 2011, the crossing was closed to traffic, however locals still like to enjoy the waters there for swimming and recreation.

While relaxing Khody heard a family call for help as a young boy was swept underwater through a drain pipe at the crossing. A local rugby player and strong swimmer, Khody was aware of the hole in the bridge and the risk of getting sucked under.

He quickly looked on the other side of the bridge to see if the boy had come out, and luckily he had, so putting his own safety aside Khody jumped in to save the boy.

Despite being a strong swimmer, Khody quickly realised his own life was in danger, not only due to the currents but the potential danger of crocodiles in the water. After a lot of effort, struggle and doubting that he would reach the shore, Khody and the boy made it to a spot in the water where they could stand up and wade to safety.

The young family and the boy were very lucky to have someone like Khody there, as his quick and selfless actions saved the boy’s life.

Do you know someone who’s put their own safety aside to save the life of another? Why not nominate them for a Royal Life Saving Society WA Bravery Award? A nomination form can be completed at the link below.

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