Bravery Award for quick thinking boy who saved his brother

27 November 2019
Seth Eade receiving bravery award from WA Governor Kim Beazley ACIn March this year, 9-year-old Seth Eade and his younger brother Kade were enjoying a visit to Lake Leschenaultia for their tee ball windup. The two boys swam out to the lake’s pontoon, which floats about 30 metres from shore.

As they approached the pontoon, a group of older kids already on the structure started rocking it quite violently from side to side. Seth and Kade were unable to grab hold of the ladder to get themselves up onto the pontoon. 

The rocking motion was also causing small waves in the lake and Kade, not being as strong a swimmer as Seth, got into difficulty in the water. Kade’s head went under water several times and it was clear that he was in trouble.

Seth immediately swam to his brother’s aid, pulling Kade up and holding his head out of the water until adult help arrived. Seth then helped to get Kade into a kayak that took him safely back to shore. Seth didn’t hesitate to help his brother and displayed incredible composure and quick thinking for a child of his age, actions which have earnt him a Gold Star Bravery Award.

Bravery Award winner Seth Eade with his familySeth’s grandfather says the family are very proud of Seth’s actions and are in awe of what happened that day. “The thing with Seth is, and what made this more special, is that Seth has Tourette’s, but he was calm and kept Kade’s head above water the whole time until help arrived.” 

He also attributes swimming lessons to helping Seth know what to do. “Seth does swimming lessons through school but has also done private lessons outside of school for two years. Sport and physical activity really helps with his Tourette’s. He does a lot of sports and he also loves swimming.”

Swimming lessons are an important part of life in WA, with such an abundance of aquatic activities around us to enjoy. Ensure your family has the skills to Swim and Survive – find your nearest swim school at the link below!
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