Learn to save a life

22 February 2016

On our hot Summer days, there’s nothing better than enjoying a swim at the pool, a splash in the river, or a fishing trip with the family.  But unfortunately accidents can and do happen while we're enjoying these activities so it's important that all West Australians know how to respond in an emergency situation.

Last weekend Royal Life Saving Society WA's first aid courses featured on the popular Channel Seven show WA Weekender, encouraging viewers to make sure they have the first aid and CPR skills they need to respond when faced with a life threatening emergency.

The segment focused on the fact that "Everyone Can Be A Lifesaver", and that our first aid and CPR courses not only teach vital skills, but they're a lot of fun too!

As Royal Life Saving Society WA is a non-for-profit organisation, by participating in one of our courses or making a donation, you’re supporting the work we do in the community to prevent drowning and support families who have been affected by a drowning incident.

Check out the WA Weekender segment below, and make sure your first aid skills are up to date by taking advantage of the exclusive discount code WA WEEKENDER which will give you a 15% discount on the price of our First Aid and CPR courses until 1st March 2016.