LJBC creating young lifesavers

28 February 2019

Lake Joondalup Baptist College is leading the way in the world of swimming carnivals! 

Royal Life Saving WA recently attended the college’s Swimming & Lifesaving Carnival and, we must say, we were very impressed with the skills of these talented young lifesavers! Students from years 7 to 10 took part in the carnival, which has become a regular feature in the school’s calendar. 

line throw event at LJBC swimming & lifesaving carnival 2019The carnival, held at HBF Arena, tests students’ skills in several swimming and lifesaving events. Royal Life Saving WA provides guidance to the school in the lifesaving events, where students are taught how to perform rescues in the water.

Events included a line-throw relay and a rescue-tube relay, where students swam out with rescue tubes to retrieve a fellow student, securing the rescue tube around them and swimming back with the ‘casualty’ in tow.

WA lifesaving champion and state team athlete Jake Smith volunteered his time to help out at the carnival, demonstrating each of the events with the help of Bridgette Seedy-Dittrich, also a former state team athlete.

rescue tube relay at LJBC swimming & lifesaving carnival 2019Being close to the beach, many of the LJBC students are involved in swimming and lifesaving to some degree. Events such as the annual carnival provide opportunities for students to learn and hone their skills and are hugely important in building students’ confidence to assist someone in trouble in the water. 

We hope to see more schools follow the lead of LJBC and introduce lifesaving events into their swimming carnivals, where students can learn vital lifesaving skills in a safe and fun environment.

Find out more about Pool Lifesaving in schools at the link below:

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